Thursday, September 7, 2017

ISRA Thursday Bulletin - September 7, 2017

by Richard Pearson

The cool mornings and mild days are certainly giving fair warning that Fall is on the way. The full moons, mixed with the coming harvest, mean the deer will be moving and drivers need to be extra alert.  The Harvest Moon in October is on the 5th, and with deer season starting October 1st, deer movement could be very high at that time.  Stay alert.  

Hurricane Harvey has devastated Southeast Texas and parts of Louisiana. It will take years and billions of dollars to put that area together again.  Now we are seeing Hurricane Irma bearing down on Florida and the East Coast of the United States.  In the West, wild fires are spreading smoke so far east that the sunset, even in Central Illinois, has a pale-yellow hue.  This may be an interesting winter in the Midwest.  It is important that wherever we live, we prepare for the most likely perils that we face.  We are seeing demonstrations on TV of those who have not prepared.  It's never easy, but it is really tough on those who were sure nothing would happen to them.

Those lessons we are seeing can also be applied to the personal defense of ourselves, our families and our friends.  It is important when we prepare that we take time to think about what probable things could happen.  In Florida, it would be a waste of time and money to prepare for a blizzard.  Is it possible?  Sure, it is possible, but it is not probable.  Living in Central Illinois, I have spent no time at all preparing for a hurricane.  This idea is also important when we travel.  Be aware of what is happening in the world.  Last year, my wife and I went out West; coming back, there were riots in Minneapolis so we took a different route.  Don't ever have the attitude that "it can't happen to me."  Yes, it can.

Bass Pro Shops will be offering merit badge classes in rifle shooting, fishing and wildlife management on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in September.  As far as I know the classes are offered by all Bass Pro Shops in Illinois.  Space is limited so call immediately if you are interested.  Bass Pro Shops are also having a "Round up to the nearest dollar program" to help the Boy Scouts raises money.  Bass Pro also sent 80 boats for rescue work to Texas.  It is nice to see corporations give back. 

Thanks for being a member. 

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Thursday, September 7 – Sunday, September 10, 2017
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Thursday, September 7, 2017
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