Thursday, August 17, 2017

ISRA Thursday Bulletin - August 17, 2017

by Richard Pearson

Congresswomen Kathleen Rice (D-4 NY) believes that the NRA, which would include me and most of you, is a threat to domestic security.  When visiting her website, it is obvious that she is a vehement anti-gunner.  Further research reveals that Rice is a Janet Reno appointee and lapdog of another anti-gunner, Andrew Como.  Rice led an investigation which raided legitimate gun stores, alleging they were selling so-called "assault weapons".  One of those arrested sued Rice in Federal Court and received a $3,000,000 settlement for compensatory damages and another $2,000,000 in punitive damages.  Rice, of course, paid none of it personally because the tax payers had to pick up the bill.  I might as well say it: Rice and people like her are the real danger to national security and individual freedom.  

In self-defense, we often talk about the color codes of awareness which are conditions, white, yellow, orange and red.  For those who may not know what the color codes of awareness are: Condition white means you are totally unaware, condition yellow means you are alert and aware, condition orange means you are alert, suspect something is wrong, and you need to plan your reaction, and condition red means action is imminent and you need to take action now!  Recently, one of our members, who is one of the best people I know at always being in condition yellow, related this story to me.  This member lives in a medium sized apartment complex and noticed a homeless looking guy hanging around the parking lot.  She reported it to the manager, who blew it off.  A day later, she noticed a security light out and reported it to maintenance, and it was promptly repaired.  The next day, the light was out again.  Once again, she reported it and it was fixed.  At the same time, she told the complex manager about it, suggested it was the same guy who was up to no-good and, once again, she was dismissed.  The guy was still around.  Another neighbor found the door open on a vacant apartment that was awaiting remodeling and maintenance found someone had been living there.  She was sure that it was this homeless looking guy and complained again to the building manger.  Nothing happened.  The next day, this guy was stopped while driving his mother’s stolen car.  It turns out he had stabbed his mother and taken her car a week before.  Our member was certainly in condition orange.  It turned out that this guy had an associate who was also living in the vacant apartment but he escaped and they are looking for him.  Being aware and keeping her distance may have saved our member’s life.  The problem is, we all have to deal with people like the manager.  The manager could have called the police and the situation could have been solved.  The manager's comment was that "nothing like this ever happens around here."  The manager is, and most likely will always be, in condition white.

We don't talk about condition black.  Condition black means the fight is on and you are falling back on your training.  If you have had training and have kept up with your practice, you may have to give an interview to the police; if you have no training, don't worry about the interview.  Most likely, the Crime Scene Technicians and the chalk lines will tell the story. 

The Governor has signed SB607, the switchblade knife bill.  It has become Public Act 100-0082, and is now in effect.  This bill simply states that the section of Criminal Code that prohibits the sale, manufacture, possession or carry of a switchblade knife does not apply to a person who possesses a valid FOID card.  This bill does not override Home Rule, which means any of the afore mentioned activities may still be an ordinance violation in some jurisdictions.  One of those is, of course, Chicago.

Thanks for being a member.

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