Thursday, March 16, 2017

ISRA Thursday Bulletin - March 16, 2017

by Richard Pearson

Many of you have told me you enjoy the monthly update on the FOID card numbers and ICCL numbers.  One of the areas that is worth watching is those numbers coming out of Chicago.  I can remember when the numbers were below 100,000 for FOID cards in Chicago and now there are over 212,000.  The number of ICCL’s in Chicago is up to 38,712.  There was a 63% increase in ICCL’s issued in 2016 versus 2015.  The people of Chicago have rightly determined that the only person who is going to protect them and their loved ones are themselves.  That is true everywhere, but the lawless climate in Chicago clearly emphasizes that point.  Public policy in Chicago seems to be on the side of the criminals.


Greta Van Susteren left Fox News because she was not comfortable there, but she is obviously comfortable in her new digs at MSNBC.  Greta's surly manner and her propensity for not getting all the facts right were evident in her condemnation of President Trump's restoration of those on Social Security that do not handle their own financial affairs.  Greta and the other anti-gunners want to assume these people had schizophrenia or were bipolar.  That is not true.  Obama, through an Executive Order(EO), cancelled these people's Second Amendment Rights - no questions, no due process, no nothing, just gone.  The reason Obama did this is clear; they were an easy target.  His EO fit perfectly into the anti-gunners plan to chip away at firearm owners, group by group.  Personally, I am glad Greta is at MSNBC because now I only have to watch clips of watch she said, rather than switching to a movie channel when she came on.

On Tuesday, March 14, 2017, HB2354, the Lethal Order of Protection Act (LOOPA) was passed out of the House Judiciary Committee and is now on Second Reading on the House floor.  I believe the LOOPA is unconstitutional, but constitutionality has never mattered to the anti-gun crowd.  This act, if it becomes law, would allow any family member or police officer to file against another family member, or in the case of a police officer, anyone, if they believe they are a danger to themselves or others.  No evidence is required, just the allegation.  Here is the catch.  When a LOOPA is issued, the Illinois State Police (ISP) are notified and both your FOID card and ICCL are suspended.  The ISP notifies the National Instant Check System that you are a prohibited person and a hearing on the case won't happen for fourteen days, but your punishment begins immediately, guilty or not.   Moreover, it is near impossible to get that off your record; once it is there it will follow you around for years.  Expungement, in reality, does not exist.

This act is a weapon against law-abiding gun owners.  Family members can use this against you.  Suppose we have a child custody case.  People are incredibly cruel to each other and the mere threat of this could crush a person.  The same can be said for a policeman.  If he has someone he doesn’t like, this could easily be used against him.  All he would have to do is pull over an ICCL holder for the famous "license plate light being out", ask him if he is carrying, what kind of gun and where, and he has everything he needs to file the allegation. This is a license to profile.  I know we don't want to believe a policeman would do that but, in fact, it does happen.

The proponents of this bill say you will have a hearing but it doesn't matter; the damage is already done.  It also authorizes the police to come to your home and take all of your firearms.  By the time you get this mess gets straightened out (which could be years even if you aren't charged) the firearms could be cut up, or rusty junk.  The proponents also say there is a perjury clause; if the person taking the action lies, they could be charged with perjury. When was the last time you heard of a parent being charged with perjury in a child custody case?  I urge all gun owners to oppose HB2354 and its counterpart, SB1291. 

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