Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Oppose SB1985


Illinois Committee to Consider Lead Ammunition Ban

Tell Committee Members to Oppose SB1985

NSSF is urging all sportsmen and gun-owners to oppose a blatant attack on your hunting rights.  Legislation that seeks to ban the use of all traditional ammunition on public lands is up for a hearing. On Thursday an Illinois Senate Environment and Conservation Committee may debate this legislation that is not based on sound science or a population impact on any species. This is another attempt by anti-hunting groups like the Humane Society of the United States to ban hunting through unwarranted legislation.   

We need your help. Please call members of the Illinois Senate Environment & Conservation Committee and tell them to oppose SB1985, banning lead ammunition on public lands.  


Committee: Illinois Senate Environment & Conservation Committee

Hearing: Thursday, March 9, at 10:45 a.m.

Room: 409 Capitol Building

Legislation: SB1985 - It shall be unlawful to use lead ammunition to take wildlife in State parks or protected natural areas.

Please contact the following Senate committee members to express your opposition:

Chair David Koehler, (217) 782-8250 - Chairperson

Daniel Biss, (217) 782-2119

Melinda Bush, (217) 782-7353 - Vice-Chairperson

Pat McGuire, (217) 782-8800

Julie A. Morrison, (217) 782-3650

Sam McCann, (217) 782-8206

Kyle McCarter, (217) 782-5755 - Min. Spokesperson

Jim Oberweis, (217) 782-0471

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