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NRA Day at the Range
Many new shooters assembled at the ISRA Open House. Some received instruction shooting a muzzle loading pistol for the first time. Our next Range Open House is scheduled for June 18, 2016!
Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day Rally and March. Wednesday, April 6, 2016 in Springfield Illinois. Let your voice be heard! Order your charter bus seat now!
Education - Range Shooing
It happens once a year at the ISRA Open House, also known as NRA Day, June 18, 2016. Many shooters, some of whom have never handled a firearm, enjoy hands on instruction with certified trainers.
The Largest Shooting Event in the Country
Education - Women on Target
The ISRA Women On Target
So with the opportunity to “bust some clays” at a NRA Women on Target shotgun shooting skills class, do you think she’d say no? No chance.
Hard Dog Day at the Range
Hard Dog Day at the Range
Junior Rifle Teams practice for the National matches at the ISRA Range in Bonfield. Look below to read Don Bekeleski's latest commentary posted December 27th!
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A Day At the Range
ISRA Headline News

Kolbe v Hogan


The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit on February 4 overturned a federal district court decision that had upheld the 2013 State of Maryland Firearm Safety Act as constitutional under intermediate scrutiny review.  The case is Kolbe v Hogan.

This law banned Maryland residents from owning any of the large majority of semi-automatic rifles owned by American citizens (exceptions were made for retired law enforcement officers). The FSA also imposed other restrictions, such as banning certain standard-capacity magazines.

In this 2-1 decision, the justices used "strict scrutiny" to determine that this law was an infringement against the 2nd Amendment. This has the potential to change all kinds of future rulings on the 2nd Amendment, as well as setting the stage for a Supreme Court ruling on this particular issue, now that there appear to be conflicting rulings from different Federal District Courts of Appeal.

Your ISRA had previously filed an amicus brief in this case. Such briefs are weighed by the justices as they consider a case.

View the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals opinion in this case:14-1945 Stephen Kolbe v. Lawrence J. Hogan_ Jr. opinion.pdf

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Legislative Alert - Alsip, Illinois


On Monday, February 8, 2016, the Alsip Village Ordinance and Legislative Committee will meet at 7:00pm to consider granting approval for a full service Range and Gun Store facility.  Please try to attend and support this proposal.  The meeting will take place at the following location:

Alsip Village Hall Board Room
4500 W 123rd St
Alsip, IL  60803

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IGOLD - April 6, 2016


IGOLD 2016 – Be there in Springfield Wednesday, April 6th!  Prairie Capital Convention Center, 1 Convention Center Plaza.  Doors open at 10:30am, registration and legislative briefing at 11:45am, Rally at the Rotunda at 3:30pm, buses depart for home at 4:00pm.  Reserve your charter bus seat now!


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ISRA Thursday Bulletin - February 4, 2016

by Richard Pearson

Executive Director's Message



By Don Bekeleski

As we all know, it’s an election year. Just why is it such an important year this year? There are boo-koo reasons why.

The Founding Fathers set it up so the people elect their Representatives, Senators and President. This is very important. They knew that somehow a person that was elected to office may not uphold the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, or possibly make statements or introduce bills, or say things contrary to these precious documents. This is happening now!

Illinois State Rifle Association and IllinoisCarry.com Join Forces


Illinois State Rifle Association and IllinoisCarry.com Join Forces!

When the General Assembly returned to session this week, there were two new faces joining the Illinois State Rifle Association team. Valinda Rowe and husband Mike will serve as Springfield Coordinators and lobbyists for both the ISRA and IllinoisCarry.com. It was almost inevitable that the top two Second Amendment organizations in the state should team up to form an even more effective presence in Springfield. The national award winning ISRA and the national award winning grassroots group, IllinoisCarry.com, are joining forces for an even stronger front in the battle for Second Amendment rights for Illinois citizens. The two organizations represent nearly 40,000 gun owners in the State of Illinois.

ISRA President Don Moran, "We have worked closely with Valinda and Mike over the past decade, our parallel cases, IC / SAF's Moore v Madigan and NRA / ISRA's Sheppard v Madigan being the straw that broke the camel's back in moving CCL forward in Illinois. It's been a partnership for some time and our codifying it has been long overdue. The ISRA welcomes Valinda and Mike on board and we look forward to continuing to fight together for firearms rights in Illinois for years to come." ISRA Executive Director Richard Pearson, “I am pleased that the ISRA and IllinoisCarry are working together. The gun owners of this state will be well represented by this partnership.”

Valinda, spokesperson for IllinoisCarry and her husband, Mike, are excited about their new role in Springfield, “We believe this partnership will benefit both organizations and help each one to be better, stronger, and more efficient in many ways. We have always enjoyed working alongside our friends in the ISRA and we are excited to see that relationship expand. It is our hope to not only strengthen the ISRA’s presence in Springfield but to also increase the overall presence of all Second Amendment supporters.”
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ATA's AIM Youth Championship To Be Expanded


SPARTA (IL) - The Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA) has announced that the
Association’s AIM youth championship tournament will be expanded by two days in length
this August. 

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